The Ultimate Automation Hub

Empowering businesses with seamless automation and advanced AI capabilities.

Easy Hosting

Seamlessly host applications like CRM, email servers, wordpress and more with our robust, scalable server solutions tailored for your business needs.

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Workflow Automation

Create custom workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder to automate your processes and increase efficiency across systems.

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Advanced AI

Leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities including AI calls, text generation, text-to-speech, video generation and more to transform your business operations.

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Lead Finding

Utilize our advanced Lead finding Technology with AI tools to identify and engage potential leads effectively, enhancing your marketing and sales strategies.

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Harness the Full Power of Automation and AI

Unlock the potential of your business with machine.sl by integrating advanced AI functionalities and automation workflows that streamline operations and enhance productivity.


Hosted Apps


API Services


AI Models


Advanced Workflow Automation

Automate complex processes with an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow editor.

No-Code Approach

Easily Install apps you know and love by a simple click

Efficient and Effective

Seamless Integration

Machine.sl integrates seamlessly with existing systems, enhancing functionality with powerful AI and automation tools.

Featured Workflows

Explore our collection of powerful automated workflows designed to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. From AI-driven call systems to dynamic content management for Wordpress, discover how our tailored workflows can transform your business.

Integration Tools

Easy Integrations for Your Convenience

Enhance your business operations with our comprehensive suite of integration tools. From custom domain configurations to robust web hosting solutions and tailored marketing campaigns, machine.sl provides seamless integrations that facilitate a smoother workflow and boost productivity. Discover how our platform can streamline your operations and help you achieve optimal efficiency.

Custom Domains

Add your own domains and link them to your applications, enhancing your brand presence and credibility.


Web Hosting

Effortlessly create and host your websites using our advanced tools or WordPress integration.


Marketing Campaigns

Create and execute custom marketing campaigns using Chatwoot to engage and expand your customer base effectively.


Mail Server

Host your own mail server linked with your custom domain, providing a reliable and secure way to manage communications.


Developer Documentation

Access comprehensive resources and guides in our developer documentation to help you integrate and utilize our tools effectively.

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